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BioWin or scientifically known as liquid pyroligeneous acid contains more than 200 components including acetic acid, methyl alcohol, acetone and a small amount of other chemicals. It is a pure and natural solution which is environmental friendly. BioWin has a long history and has been known for its strong sterilizing properties. It has been used for ages as a sterilizing agent, deodorizer, sanitizer, repellent and even medicine for intestinal disorders, and additive, which bring out flavors and preserves freshness.

BioWin contains 17 beneficial bacteria of natural communities;
  • Acetobacter Achromobacter
  • Azospirillium Bacillus
  • Brevibacterium Burkholderia
  • Campylobacter Corynebacterium
  • Cytophago Enterobacter
  • Erwinia Flavobacterium
  • Klebsiella Leuconostoc
  • Methyosinus Micrococcus
  • Nitrosomonas
Range of Utility.

When BioWin is added to water, the behavior of the antiseptic, anti-flammatory and anti-allergic organic components such as acetic acid phenol decrease the size of the water molecules. When sprayed into the bad odor smell, the BME molecules will effectively in seconds, neutralized the ammonia gas and the bacteria which produced it during decomposition process. These 17 beneficial bacteria communities will reproduced and maintained its presence there and as a result the bad odor are eliminated.

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